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I can’t believe in a little over 6 hours it will be 2014. I mean, I just (barely) got used to saying and writing 2013 and now a year has passed already! Insane.

Last January I decided to start a graphic design and photography business (I majored in GD in college). I figured I’d mostly be doing design work with maybe some photography on the side. Months went by and I had enough design jobs to be consistantly busy most of the time. But something started happening. Every time I’d get an e-mail from a client about invitations or posters or websites, my heart would sink a little. It got to the point where I’d wake up in the morning and just dread looking at my phone because I knew I’d probably have another request. Let me tell you guys, that’s just NOT where you want to be. I finally figured out that I just wasn’t passionate about designing full time! So I took a month off and threw myself into photography.


I started practicing as much as possible (HUGE thank you to my patient family who volunteered to be my guinea pigs!). I took online classes. I got advice from other professional photographers. I researched my BUTT OFF. And after I felt pretty confident in my abilities, I finally booked my first two weddings!



(The images above were all from my first wedding..EVER! So grateful to Michael and Kendall who trusted me with their big day!)

I had originally thought I’d do families, kids, seniors, engagements, weddings….

Until I did my first wedding.

I was in love (still am!).

Wedding photography is my true passion, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of my clients that have trusted me with such and important day in their lives. It truly is SUCH an honor!

That’s why I’m SOOO excited to announce that in 2014, my business will be no longer be called Bri Cibene Design & Photography. I’m switching over to just…

Bri Cibene Photography!




(images above are from my second wedding)

I will be limiting my business to JUST weddings and engagements-and will only be booking a limited number! I couldn’t be happier! I am beyond excited to pour my heart into each and every one of my upcoming brides and grooms.

My year ended with Jerrett and Kelsey’s engagement session, and I can’t wait to start 2014 by photographing their wedding on January 5th!




I am so thankful for my husband who works hard every day so that I can pursue my dream! I wouldn’t be writing this without him. I’m also grateful for all of the love and support from my family, friends, clients and fellow photographers. Thank you!!

Happy New Year! I hope 2014 will be filled with love, laughter and blessings for each and every one of you!


2013: Why I Became a Wedding Photographer {Jacksonville, FL}

December 31, 2013

The Cibenes