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We were so fortunate to have two weddings within a month at Atlantic Beach Country Club! It’s a beautiful venue that really complements the surrounding Jacksonville, Florida area. And this past weekend, it was the perfect backdrop for Jeff + Nina’s beautiful wedding day!

Jeff + Nina had some very talented friends and family that came together to help them plan their day. Guys, Nina’s mom made one of the most stunning cakes we’ve photographed (and delicious cake pops as well)!! We were so so impressed – wait till you see it.

Nina describes her relationship with Jeff in such a sweet way: “We both knew from the night we met that this was something special. Our relationship is very easy. We love to laugh and act silly. We are 100% ourselves around each other which is very important because there will be no surprises. We have the same goals and values and know how we want to live our lives. We are still as affectionate as when we first met and neither one of us wants that to end. We have cute nicknames for one another. Overall, we just love spending time together, whether its an adventure, cooking or working on a project, as long as we are together, we always have fun around each other.”

They DEFINITELY had fun on their wedding day! Both Nina and Jeff couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor and were counting down the minutes until it was time to party! Nina is Albanian and the culture has so many fun traditions – the dance floor was always packed with friends and family having an incredible time!

Here’s a sneak peek of their beautiful day in photographs!

Venue: Atlantic Beach Country Club


Jeff + Nina: Classic Atlantic Beach Country Club Wedding

May 10, 2019