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Considering baby Cibene’s due date is approaching in two and a half weeks (!!!), we thought it was definitely time to start sharing some of the personal photos we’ve taken during the past 9 months! This year was the busiest yet for our business which is AWESOME, but when paired with the major and almost constant fatigue I (Bri) had throughout my pregnancy, well, there wasn’t much time to even think about editing lots of personal photos! Now that all of our 2016 couples have their images and are taken care of, it’s time to share! (It also helps that I’ve started to get bursts of “nesting” energy! Whoohoo!) First up, our gender reveal party!

I had SO much fun planning this party – I actually started thinking about themes and colors almost immediately after we found out we were pregnant! I knew that I wanted a very soft color palette – so instead of the normal baby blue and baby pink, we went for rose quartz and a smokey blue! And anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh flowers – so I wanted to incorporate those without going too girly!

I immediately reached out to Lynette from Rose of Sharon – she and her son Paul are SO talented (they did Michael’s sister’s wedding, this amazing industrial styled shoot, and our seaside styled shoot!). I gave her some general ideas for a centerpiece and the final result was beautiful! I also picked up lots of eucalyptus and some white tulips from Trader Joe’s for accents.

The hardest part was finding out the gender at our doctor’s office, but then waiting over a week to tell our families! We chose to find out privately together first, and I’m so glad we did! It was such a special moment, and also a bit of a shock! Around 12 weeks, our doctor said he had a pretty good feeling we were having a girl. For the next month, I was CONVINCED he was right (but we never said anything about this to our families!). I was planning the nursery, admiring outfits (thankfully not buying any thanks to Mikey telling me to wait for the official results..ha!), and just generally day dreaming of our family’s future!

When we went in for our 16 week gender ultrasound, our doctor was surprised to find we were actually having a BOY! And so were we!! It took about a day for me to process and recalibrate all of my plans! But now it just seems crazy that we could have ever thought this little babe was anything BUT a boy!

So fast forward to the night of the party – we invited our families over for the evening, and after games and food, we popped confetti poppers from Thimblepress to finally reveal what we were having!! This is NOT the most flattering photo of me (haha), but I just love everyone’s reactions! Especially my dad in the back right (with his hands up) – he was SO sure we were having a boy and he was right!!

We can’t believe this day was already 5 months ago and little man is due almost ANY DAY! We couldn’t be more excited!


Baby Cibene’s Gender Reveal Party

December 18, 2016

The Cibenes