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Well this post is only about 2 years late, but I’m so excited to share Greyson’s nursery with you! Today it looks a little different (he switched to a “big boy bed” around 17 months, but that’s a different story entirely!), but I still love how the colors came together!

I knew I didn’t want to do anything too “baby-ish” – I wanted something that could grow with him. His room was previously Michael’s office, and the paint color was always my favorite in the house. So we kept it! It’s a gray with a lot of blue undertones – Valspar’s “Bay Waves”.

This clock, gifted to us by Michael’s sister several Christmases ago, was my inspiration. I wanted to tie in copper and gray with some blue!

Our sister-in-law MADE this incredible quilt for Greyson when she learned of his room colors. It’s absolutely stunning and the quality is just amazing! It’s one of our very favorite gifts.

At the time, copper accents were a little harder to find. I ended up painting the curtain rod and lamp! The rug is from Rugs USA and has been such a nice soft place to play.

We loved this rocker we found at Babies ‘R’ Us (RIP), and decided to order a pouf off of Amazon for our feet. It has held up SO well! Both the rocker and pouf are now in Liam’s nursery and still look brand new.

I had a specific type of shelf in mind for the room but couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. Thankfully Michael really enjoys carpentry and made 5 shelves for me! 2 shorter shelves for over the crib and 3 longer ones for books. He also made a sweet keepsake box, which we displayed here.

The print is from Lindsay Letters, one of my favorite shops! We also chose to get journals from Promptly Journals for both the boys in lieu of the traditional baby book. The journals have prompts in them from maternity all the way to 18 years! We LOVE them!

Our crib is from Pottery Barn – I wanted to have something neutral enough that it could be used for the next baby, boy or girl! And every time I read this Peter Pan sign, it reminds me to slow down a little and enjoy every moment. Greyson is already two, and while I hold Liam I often find myself wondering how Greyson was ever that small. And how Liam will ever be as big as Greyson!

The color trends continue in his closet – haha! Both boys have closets full of blue, gray, and neutral tones, along with some muted greens here and there. I don’t know how many years I’ll be able to get away with it before they want to pick their own clothes, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts 😉

My favorite area – his book corner! I’ve always loved to read and we’re really hoping to instill that love in the boys.

My mama made this faux fur throw pillow for his room and I love the texture it gives this corner!

Our last DIY project was a copper “G” sign. It’s a bit hard to photograph but I love the finished project!

Now we just need to finish Liam’s room 😉


The Cibenes: Greyson’s Gray, Blue, and Copper Nursery

February 6, 2019

The Cibenes