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I recently shot a wedding with a Day One alum and my good friend Laura of Laura Lee Photography.  (I’ve now shot 3 weddings with Day One-ers and it’s been amazing! I can’t WAIT until my next styled shoot so I can meet even more photogs!)

During ring shots Laura pulled out filters instead of a macro lens and I was so intrigued! I currently rent a Canon 100mm 2.8L macro for every wedding because I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the $950 price tag.  And really, I hate renting it too because I only use it for ring shots anyway!

(I know some photographers use it for portraits…but I just haven’t loved it for that purpose! I’ll take an 85mm over the 100mm any day!)

When Laura first told me about them I was a tad skeptical about the whole idea. But I was blown away when I saw her results!

I HAD to order them and try them out for myself.

Well guys, I’m a believer.  I tested them out today and I’m THRILLED with the results! I decided to do a test with each filter and share them with you – just in case you’re looking for an affordable macro lens alternative too!


The set comes with 3 filters: +1, +2, and +4. I got 77mm filters since I’m planning to use them with my 50mm, but there are other sizes available as well!

Macro Lens Alternative_0001

This first photo was taken with my 50mm on my 70D for reference. (Please ignore our dirty rings…they are DEFINITELY getting cleaned this week!! Also, I promise these images are sharp but WordPress is currently DESTROYING my image quality! Anyone have any tips on that?!)

Macro Lens Alternative_0002

50mm and the +1 filter.

Macro Lens Alternative_0003

50mm and the +2 filter.

Macro Lens Alternative_0004

50mm and the +4 filter.

Macro Lens Alternative_0005

You can also stack the filters for even more magnification! This is all three filters on my 50mm.

Laura, thanks so much for introducing these to me! I’m so excited to be able to use these during engagement sessions and weddings!

Oh – and guess how much this set is selling for ya’ll? $40 on Amazon!!! I can definitely afford that! Go check it out here!

So what do you think?  Have you used macro filters? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


For Photographers | Affordable Macro Lens Alternative

October 22, 2014

For Photographers