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We’re excited to finally have had the chance to meet up with Jeff + Nina for their Memorial Park and Downtown Jacksonville engagement session yesterday! The session was actually meant to happen a few weeks ago, but due to weather we rescheduled. Well, Florida must be sad about SOMETHING because we have had so. much. rain. in the past month!

On Friday I checked the forecast and low and behold, it was calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon the next day. In an attempt to avoid them, we decided to try and meet in the morning instead since the forecast looked clear.

We woke up Saturday morning, and unsurprisingly, the forecast had changed again. There was now rain being called for all day. Thankfully, the morning had a lower chance of light rain, so we decided to go for it anyway.

Our plan was to meet at Memorial Park, then head downtown. We arrived at the park early, and it was already raining. The radar looked like it was only going to get worse, so we decided to head over to the Prime Osborn since the front is covered!

Jeff + Nina were so sweet together. They had no problem staying in the moment with each other – a photographer’s dream!

It looked like the rain had tapered off, so we decided to try Memorial Park again. Well, as soon as we started walking to our cars it started raining again. Time to pull out the umbrellas!

Michael held an umbrella over me and my camera to prevent any water damage – too bad we don’t have any BTS footage of that! He had to try to follow me as I moved, which was quite a feat. I’m pretty sporadic and move around pretty quickly – I’m sure the scene looked pretty hilarious to any on lookers!

We were excited to see trees and plants blooming already! What a perfect picture of spring – pastels, flower buds, and rain 😉 We think an umbrella only added to Jeff + Nina’s images!

We can’t wait to photograph their big day at Atlantic Beach Country Club in May!


Jeff + Nina: Rainy Memorial Park and Downtown Jacksonville Engagement

March 3, 2019